I believe that understanding people and their purpose will always be the lifeblood for designing successful products and services...and technology is the powerful vehicle that can help us get there.

Always bring it back to the HUMAN

Find out not only what they're trying to achieve...but why? What is the bigger picture? What is their purpose?

Brainstorming with diverse perspectives

Having a diverse pool of people and trades lets you cover all angles of a challenge. It helps mitigate bias and enriches ideation.

Realizing and prioritizing risks and assumptions

Identify which assumptions have the highest risks and most unknowns....so that you can test the sh!t out of it!

With product design, the journey is as important as the outcome, if not more.

Prototyping and releasing early and often

Testing lower fidelity prototypes and designs allows you to quickly learn what does and doesn't work. Use feedback to power your creativity and design decisions; it will make progress measurable.

Good visual design gets people through the door

...and good user experience keeps them in the house.