I am Hannah.

My name is Hannah. I am a product designer based in New York City. A curiousness of people, beautiful visuals, and an annoying love for cohesive systems drives my passion and creativity. Currently a Design Lead (Product) at Elephant, previously at ustwo and Code and Theory.

Some awesome companies I've collaborated with

I design products.

Daybreak is an iOS and Android app that encourages healthier drinking habits through community, self reflection, and behaviour modifaction.

Role: Product Designer, Visual Lead, UX, Research Strategy

Taking cues from people's interactions with their existing online support community and evidence-based treatment methodology for alcohol moderation, I worked with the Hello Sunday Morning team and health specialists to create a product that better supported their users through the challenging terrain of habit change. By identifying pain points through common user journeys from both a UX and health perspective, we strategized and built a new iteration of the app that encouraged healthy habits, moderation, accountability, self-reflection.

The DTA Design Guide is living breathing style guide and UI kit for the Australian government.

Role: Product Lead/Designer, Product Owner

Collaborating with a team at the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), we created an open source CSS framework and living design guide that would be used across thousands of Australian government websites to bring cohesion and consistency across all. It was created as a tool and source of truth for developers, designers, and content creators in government agencies, enabling teams to efficiently and accessibly create digital services.

Version 1.0 has been released as Gold — Government Open Language for Design in 2018.

Cancer Council Healthy Lunch Box is the one-stop shop for healthy lunch box building.

Role: Product Designer, Visual Lead

In an effort to save trees and digitize printed materials for Cancer Council's in-school education program, "Eat It To Beat It", we created a responsive website that made this content scalable, updatable, and more accessible. We sought to enable parents and kids to make healthy lunch boxes together with a website that educates around nutrition through playful interaction and learning by doing.

Hipstamatic Oggl for Windows Phone is the photography app for photographers, connecting like-minded creatives from all around the world.

Role: Product Designer, Visual Lead

We teamed up with the Hipstamatic team to nail down the often-forgotten Windows Phone experience for their Oggl community. The challenge was to elevate their beautifully crafted professional-level photography editting and enable users to connect and share inspiring work. We looked to take full advantage of the Windows platform, including its powerful cameras and multi-tasking capabilities.

Plenti is a rewards program by American Express that unifies points systems across multiple retailers

Role: Visual Designer

This was a project completed over a period of 2 years, building the iOS and Android platforms for a program with touchpoints in multiple physical and digital spaces. We mobile designed interfaces for a sophisticated earning-and-spending points system, where points acted like cash for select retailers. It also surfaced special offers, tailored by the individual retailers. A cohesively-weaved design system was crucial for success, as well as a visual, illustration-lead experience to help break down complex concepts.

I illustrate things.

Theme: Insurance and coverage for rainy days.

Theme: "Secret ingredients" in great interviews.

Theme: Taking care of one's family

Theme: An apple a day will keep the doctor away.